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The MLS, personal websites, real estate portals, flyers, and e-blasts to local boards, agents, and national and international networking, and social media; properties have a larger reach than ever before.  So what is an agent to do to make their property listings stand out?

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Once the afterglow has faded from a potential buyers face upon seeing beautiful pictures, they want substance, they want words that bring the property into focus.  They want to feel that they know the property before they step through the front door.  They want to feel and see and know they have the inside scoop on what this property has to offer.  I have had buyers come in and say that they have been “stalking” the property.  If they are close by, they mean it literally, and if not, they mean they have “stalked it on the internet” and they can’t get enough.

By Arianna Belle Purveyors Of Luxury International Real Estate



Word of advice, if you, the agent were going to buy this property, what would you want to see and know? Writers block happens to all of us, so mentally walk through the property and start writing.   From what angle would the home look best? And really think about what the property has to offer, beyond the walls, windows, systems and roof.  What makes this property amazing, a great buy, a wonderful investment, a great place to call home?




SuccessThe best compliment I receive after doing a write-up for my sellers….  “This home sounds wonderful, we want to buy!”   So when you have your sellers sold on their own home, and they see everything their largest investment has to offer, and you have expressed in words that you see what their largest investment has to offer; you can imagine that they are relieved you are in their corner.   Why?  You not only told a story about their home, investment, and put their memories into words, but they now know you understand the importance of the service you are offering them, potential buyers, and other agents.

When I take a buyer or investor to a property or residence, and the write-up is impeccable, detailed, and inviting, my buyers are thrilled to drive up, thrilled to walk in, and to them it feels like they are coming home or visiting a place they have not been to in a while.  There is a comfort level, they are drawn in, running from room to room.  Not only did they have eye candy that satisfied that part of their brain…, but they had words to motivate them into getting off the computer and going to see it for themselves, experience and touch the property.


Words are powerful

With our words, we need to attract, appeal, entice and captivate the buyers.  We need to express in words what is being offered, the quality, the potential, the value, the distinction, the need to have this particular home, this particular commercial property, this particular parcel of land.  We not only owe it to our sellers, but we owe it to the buyers.  Homes, properties, and land, it’s not a hamburger or a car.  It is a LARGE investment.  It is an IMPACTFUL purchase.  So wow them with pictures, but stun them with words that walk them mentally through the property.  I love being dragged around a home running from room to room because the buyers “know” the house.


When you have an adult walking around a home or property like a dazed kid on Christmas that got everything they wanted, I love that moment.  I just stand back and let the experience take them over.  It does not have to be a luxury home or luxury hotel, it can be a home, a tract of land, a factory.  But when someone finds what they are looking for on the internet and that sparks their interest, they want to see it in person and experience their wants in actual time, it is wonderful to them.  Their search is over.  Eureka!Closing day!

So, fellow agents, let’s get creative.  And I don’t mean making stuff up that is misleading,Unicorns but really take a look at the property you are putting on the market and really drink it in.  What is so great about it?  What is so unique?  Why should anyone buy this property?  I don’t care if it is a foreclosure!  Why is this house so amazing?  Is it a great tear-down and you need to go crazy over the detail of the land?  Think, learn about your listing, know your listing, and see it for all the fabulousness that it is!

Number 1, when you do this, potential clients that want a great sales person will be impressed.  Number 2, it lends to your marketing skills, and proves you are willing to think, be creative, and attract interest.



I made a video for a commercial property in a little town called Epsom, and I was not receiving a lot of interest.  I made a video that was goofy, with cheesy music and a theme that “you” should buy this property rather than “Joe!” and in the pictures it is Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco, and the cast of Unfinished Business.  It was a spoof.  But, I received more interest on that property and others agents started following me (paying attention to my listings), calling about my luxury properties, fun comments were made and emailed to me, my client loved that I have all the important information about his property and that it was playful, approachable, and different.   People hate being sold something. No one wants to feel manipulated, pressured or tricked, and that was the vibe of the video.  You are being sold something, and you have the inside scoop!

Sounds Painful!

Make them take notice!  We know as agents, sales people, marketers; our networking skills and our sagacious grasp is imperative. Therefore, we need to bring to light what the property is all about.  Location, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, 2-car garage, etc.…    But what about that garage?  Is it oversized, is it loaded with windows that maybe it would be a great workshop or studio or is there a room overhead for an addition room, etc..?   What does the home have to offer?  It may have 2 baths, and 3 bedrooms, but is there a true walk up attic that could be made into a full-blown media room, nanny suite, or home office?  Find out from the City or Town what is needed to make this a true possibility and research what words you can use to be honest, and informative about the potential of expanding.  This prep work, effort, creativity, and marketing skill speaks volumes.  Plus, not only are you helping the seller because you are doing everything to sell their investment, but you are helping the potential buyer discern whether this property is for them, you are enticing them because they have as much detail as you can give them, but…, you are also helping your fellow agents because their buyer is going into your property that you divulged as much information as possible, and now that the buyer feels more at ease making an offer…, and you also help yourself by attracting new business from new sellers and buyers because you speak the language they want.  The language of information and emotion, and lifestyle.  It is a win-win.

MAXIM. Credit Harper Smith
MAXIM. Credit: Harper Smith

In short.  Follow the rules of ethics. Make certain the necessary information is covered.  But…, color outside of the lines.  Take your potential buyer for an emotional ride.  With your words and pictures, make them feel what the property has to offer, make them feel they have already found their dream home or must have investment property.  Show the heart and soul of what you are selling.  Substance, detail, necessity.  If it is for sale, then there is the perfect buyer wanting it.  You just need to bring the 2 together.


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