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CHALKIDIKI KASSANDRA Greek Luxury 5Let me set the scene by telling you a little about the enchanting seascape of this impeccable 5* Hotel!

Greece’s northern territory – Macedonia – is graced by the isthmus (peninsula)  of Halkidiki, and its three ‘legs’ of land that extend deep into the Mediterranean. Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos – alongside the island of Ammouliani – veil several extraordinary wonders that will enchant travelers, as will the interior mountainous terrain of Halkidiki, with its many picturesque villages, wineries and culinary sensations.

Halkidiki, an advantageous treasure-trove of Greek history, archeological sites and the birthplace of Aristotle, is a geographical utopia. Balkan-meets-Mediterranean personifies a blissful climate between the emerald green mountains and the indigo blue seas, and exudes an ambiance that mingles gracefully with the strong orthodox traditions, where travelers can obtain permits from Thessaloniki to visit Mount Athos, designated as a leading center of pilgrimage and worship.

Beach lovers delight in…

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