Team workWhose Team Are You On?  Yours, Now Work With Me!

Whether I am dealing with a Seller, Investor, Buyer, First-timers, or Savvy Repeat Offenders…, I have your goal burned into my brain.  Your goal is my goal.  If you want to sell fast and get the best price.  I do too!   If you want to buy within the next 3 months and find the home of your dreams. I am working on that!  If you want to find the best investment so that you can flip it…, I’m there scouring, making calls and doing what I can.  If you are a repeat buyer or seller and know the ropes, great!  We can exchange war stories, triumphs, and HGTV moments.  I’ve got you covered!

By Dan Johnson
By Dan Johnson

Now, let’s lay down some rules.  I am here for you with your best interest at heart.  I am here to listen to what you want and help you facilitate that in the best way, as quickly as possible, and with the best results.  But, you have to work with me.  Not against me.


Bad to the bone 2

Sellers, Please do not answer the door and let people in that want to look at your home.  Especially, when they keep telling you how amazing it is and they just have to see it, NOW!   If that were the case, they would have called, emailed, texted or come into my office and scheduled an appointment to meet with me or with any real estate office in the area.   Safety first!  Second, when walking them around, you may start mentioning things that seem innocent, not realizing their interpretation of your words, or they may start prying into why you’re leaving?  There are no innocent questions.  And though HGTV and all the other Real Estate Reality Shows make it look so easy that anyone can do it….   You need to realize, that just one scene you see has taken over 20 tries to get it just right, with makeup retouched, and a tremendous amount of editing!  Life Karen Mulderdoes not work that way.  If it did, I’d be 5’ 9”, a natural blonde, look like a super model, with an IQ of 1000!

So, it is not easy.  Just like you, everyone that wants to see your home is looking at it from their perspective, and what is in their best interest.  That is where I come in.  I am there to deflect, protect, show your home, answer everything that I can, and if necessary, tell the perspective buyer, that question is personal, and does not apply to the quality of the home.   Why you’re moving is your business!   If you’re moving because of termites…, that will be in the Seller Disclosure and inspection report. I have had sellers show people around…, tell me how easy my job is, and then those people come back with an agent and throw everything at us, including the kitchen sink and the Rock of Gibraltar!  Then I hear, “I thought they were nice!”   They probably are.  But right now, they want to buy a very large investment, and everything you said to them is now being handed back to you in demands.  Still think my job is easy?  If you want to help, email out the personal website I built for your home.  Share it on Facebook, and every other social media site you are on.  Take some flyers in to work or share them with friends and family.  But, have them call me or another agent to discuss and walk them through your property.

You signed what? With whom? NOOOOOOOOO!

Buyers, I love you as much as my sellers.  We have a contract together.  That contract says I am going to do everything I can for you, and that includes protecting you. I will keep your confidential information to myself and your best interest will be the pinnacle of my existence.   And, in that contract, it says we are in a relationship together  (you can introduce me to your family and friends if you want).  That means I will be showing you the properties.  No, you are not bothering me.  That is my role, to show you properties.  I like showing you properties.  It’s fun!  Especially, when we find the property of your dreams.  What is not fun, is when you go off on a Sunday, 5 p.m., see a sign, go in, forget to tell the agent you’re being represented, fall in love, and sign a Purchase and Sales…., and then tell me about it on Monday.  Awkward!  I will give you a copy of a Brokerage Relationship Disclosure, the Buyers Contract, and a stack of my cards.  The first 2 are to remind you that we are a team, what your rights are and my obligation to you, and the cards are to pass out to agents that may or may not realize you have a buyers agency agreement…, and you can just hand them a card and they will understand.

When we first meet, and every day we work together to reach your goals, I want open communication.  I want to know what you expect from me, and I will share what I expect from you.  Remember, I want for you, what you want for you.  I am your advocate, your ally, a trusted friend that will tell you pea-green shag is not back in style…, and no, stove-top covers would not be classified an update!

Yours truly, your shield and armor, your ally, and confidante. Your agent!

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