An ADU built by Kol Peterson in Portland, Ore
An ADU built by Kol Peterson in Portland, Ore

When you want to flip and go!  Flipping houses is a lucrative way to make a great amount of money.  It is not always easy, but with know-how, investment savvy, and an informed understanding of what is wanted in your area of choice; your next  restoration project can bring in a wonderful sum for you to move on to your next adventure– invest in your personal residence, or make you money on a regular basis as your full time occupation.

kids in hardhatsRegardless of the profession, people seek comfort from doing business or being associated with those that they know and trust. It brings about a feeling of calm, ease, and security.  Even when there is no direct or personal relationship with you or your brand. Your reputation will make them feel as though you are a trusted friend, associate, and ally.  People want to know that you will be there for them.  You will exist in their world, ad infinitum!  Developing that standard of security and contentment does not happen immediately. But you can hit the ground running if you plan, consolidate, and organize your business strategy, and how and whom you are going to work with and work for. It requires unwavering commitment to create, complete, and sell your commodity.  And once you achieve brand recognition status…, it takes perseverance, devotion, and a love of your business to take it to the next level on a continuous basis. To reach that stratosphere is a journey, and to get to that height creates an atmosphere of assurance for both you and those you do business with.  Instead of trying to prove yourself and your capability, you will be looking for the next house to flip, and working on how to improve, rather than figuring out what to do!  Set your foundation, and you will have leverage to move mountains and build your business and reputation with what comes naturally to you.


Leverage your assetsWhen successful people blaze their trial, they do it their way.  The effective ones are not focused on the norm, what everyone else is doing, and thus, wouldn’t even consider mimicking their competition.  Why?  Because it has been done already.  Innovation, investigation, and thinking for one’s self, that is what builds a successful business, brand, and business relationships that stand the test of time. When one follows what everyone else is doing, then what are you bringing new to the business deal?  Where is the industry progress? Why should your potential business connections deal with you, and not a more “seasoned competitor?” There is no box! Therefore, think of new ways to deliver your expertise to the clients you want to serve.


Investigate your surroundingsExplore, Inspect, and study. Then, consider, probe, and scrutinize. Everything you do in the beginning builds the foundation for success and impacts the rest of your business.  The more you know, the more comfort you have in yourself, and what area you select to invest and build in, and what your clientele wants from a product like yours.  That in turn builds your brand, reputation, and future loyalties from buyers, sub-contractors, banks, and industry leaders.  With this step, you are building long term value for yourself and those that want to do business with you.

A great product is a statement in physical form.

ReverberationRepetition builds a consistency, and building consistency into your business plan builds a formula, and formulas that work are golden! With replication comes lasting relationships.  Buyers and even sellers know that you know what you are doing.  Buyers will seek you out because your product, your vision, and quality are above and beyond, and they KNOW they will be buying the best.  Those that know they are buying the best should not hear it coming from your mouth, but from theirs, their friends, and the public. Why?  Because that is your formula. It is a tradition for you.  Great results impact perceptions.  A great product is a statement in physical form. After you have established yourself, your workmanship speaks for itself and is now a custom, a lifestyle, and tradition. That is your approach to this sector of the industry, and you will be ahead of the curve.  Your less informed competition thinks they just have to slap some paint on it and market it; but your quality, knowledge, and skills will set you apart and create a following.
Last minute situtation

Be a Resolver and Decipherer: One of the things you can do to separate yourself is decode, decrypt, and translate for your buyers.  Don’t solve problems!  Problems don’t exist.  Unscramble the cause, and take it as an opportunity to show you have command over the situation at all times. If an unwanted result occurs, take action immediately.  The faster you resolve it, the more confidence you will have in yourself.  If you lay the foundation and something unplanned occurs, deal with it, talk it through with your clients, and show them there is a solution, a remedy for what is occurring at that moment.  That builds comfort and trust.  Not because you said soothing words, but because you recognized the situation and then took care of the matter. This is where your perspective is key.  If you see it as a mountain, it is.  If you see it as one of those matters that you have already thought of, then you have a solution in mind to take care of it. To do this, you need to be ready for anything that comes your way. Brainstorm on what can come up or go in the opposite direction –then figure out what you are going to do about it, whom you can contact to take care of it, and be prepared.  The only limitation you will run into is the one that you see as insurmountable.

Long term relationships are not formed overnight but they are the most meaningful.

 determine-which-location-is-best-when-buying-a-homeBusiness is a two-way street: All your business relationships are collaborative, give-and take, and should be cooperative, and supportive. This builds trust and compliance amongst your relationships.  Clients, sub-contractors, professionals, and the public will look out for you and your best interest if they know you are looking out for theirs.  What your building is long term networks, partnerships, and culture that will serve you for as long as you are in business.  Having business empathy will ensure future business and consideration. Referrals to your associates and affiliates, not only helps them and gives them an avenue of revenue, but you have now built loyalty by seeing life from their perspective and what benefits them and the people you referred to them. The good-will you create will culminate for years to come.  Eventually all good things will be reciprocated and everlasting relationships formed.

As I was saying… Believe it or not, if you give the public a great product, you won’t have to wait for the perfect buyers, the perfect buyers will want to be the first ones in to give an offer.  The market is picking up, and buyers know what they want and need, and if they are assured by word of mouth, brand, and professional transparency, they will be lined up to by the home of their dreams at an affordable price from you.

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