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2015 was a great year.  Though, Paris, was tragically affected – Paris shines, and is the pinnacle of luxurious cities, and has maintained her Old-World Elegance.  Simple.  Sophisticated. Ever-evolving. Our hearts are with her.

In the United States, we too have been touched by hatred, and as the United People we are, we will always rise above.

militaryI want to thank our military men and women that give selflessly.  If it were not for their bravery, love of Country and Countrymen, and their magnanimous hearts, we would not be as able to defend against our foe, enjoy our freedoms, and live our lives with the ease that we have come to expect. And to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, my soul weeps that you have moved on, and for the anguish that your loved ones must endure.  Each and everyone will be missed, but most importantly, they are the very fiber that keeps our humanity stitched together.  I thank you.

The Warrior

As the sunsets into a terse oblivion, the warrior stands at attention to marvel, that he too will set on a new course, a new journey, a new path. As the warrior takes off his armor, that which has become his second skin…he is simply clothed in the epitome of grace, courage, and illumination, it is evident the adventure he is on is fraught with mystery, ambiguity, and sadness. The warrior knows his battles have been fought and won, but this endeavor he has no weapon, no strategy, no familiar knowledge. He only has what God blessed him with at birth, a soul full of love, spirit for adventure and endurance, and the will to conquer in the name of God, Love, and the quintessence of that which is humanity. As he charges head long into the abyss of the unknown, his battle cry will bring him forth, to the edge of the universe, his moment of contemplation, the flash of a life lived to the fullest, brimming with memories, experiences, love, children, happiness, grief, poverty, abundance, adventure, pain, and the human essence that propels him ever onward…. The Warrior stands and watches the sunset into its terse oblivion, and realizes his impact on the world is just as great, just as beautiful, just as noble, and ever so simply profound and essential.
The Warrior will stand guard through eternity, beyond the human condition, into the unknown, and beyond time.   ~ Elyane M. Davis

Thank you for all my Blessings

Our economy is gradually improving, our homes are increasing in value,

How The Hell Are We Going To Explain This To Our Lender?! Thinking!!!

and our employment rate is on the rise.  Banking and Insurance is changing its tune, new rules are being implemented, and “transparency” is the new buzz-word.

We survived the Ice-Age of 2015, and we enjoyed Spring-time weather these past few weeks in December.  Mother Nature can show her sarcastic side when she chooses to.  But all is good, and I’m brimming with gratitude.Closing day!

Italian Hunting Lodge 136604_Pavia_IMG_01_0000_max_620x414The Luxury market is improving, as well as residential and commercial. Thought there were some soft spots abroad, the real estate market world-wide  has improved and making strides.


Now that our year is coming to a close and a new one will be here to greet us with Donald Loves Meopen arms;  we look forward to a new President, a new chance to make our future full of peace, health, happiness, and all the successes we could dream of.




HAPPY-FAMILY- HuffingtonPost
Happy Huffington Post

I want to thank my family, friends, clients, investors, mortgage reps, and fellow agents, for a wonderful year.

We had our celebrations, laughs, and goof-off times,

Butt bump

Thirsty-Thursdays that lead to bad choice casual Fridays!Casual Friday


Those awkward moments no one wants to remember!c506d20b7bf85e42a5237cc7a35397c8

Our miss understandings…. Oops!  MegaFlicks

We had our moments of hitting rock bottom!

I gave you EVERYTHING already!


And yes, we had our moments of plotting each others demise….

Zippy the Chimp

But through our high-jinks and our “what is going on?” or, “this is awesome!”

Ostrich Jockey
George, kiss my tail feathers! Paul, yo ma’ma’s a turkey! Losing my Jockey!!!!

I want to share my thanks.


Please, please, take a bow!

devanshunarang Take a bow
by devenshunarang


Why?  Because you’re Awesome.You Are Awesome