StaircaseAs the little boy sat on the staircase in a beautiful cape style home, admiring the woodwork, the fine details, the warmth that the patina extended to the home was calming. A beautiful warm butterscotch hue captivated Liam.   A wall of windows captured the view of the river across the street, and another wall of windows showed his new yard that was completely fenced in and created the perfect oasis of rock walls, lush yard, and an old tree stump that Liam has grand plans for, there is a hidden spot that he can build his secret fort, and another section that he can help plant the family vegetable garden.   His eyes beamed, he looked in awe, as he sat and realized…., this is going to be my home! “I’ve never had a home before.  Not one that I could call my own. And never one that is as nice as this.   Do you think I deserve this?”   Liam’s question killed me just a little bit.  In all the years that I have sold real estate, no one has ever asked me if they deserved to have a home.   When I looked down into his big brown eyes, I tried my best not to cry.  I couldn’t imagine a child wondering if they deserved to have a home.

Yes, Liam, you deserve a home!  Liam, I hope you understand, that when you are with mom and dad, no matter where in the world you are, you are home.  Your home is where your love is.  It is nice to have a home that you own, but home is so much more than a house.  It is what goes in to making it a home that counts.  It is the family that lives inside.  It is the person or people that decide to live there and create a life, memories, and sleep and eat there, have friends over, and share their space with family.  It is the love that you have for your mom and dad, and they for you that will make this address your home.

As Liam walked around his soon to be new home, he told me how he and his mom and dad worked really hard to save their money so they could buy.  “We had a plan, and mom and dad talked about how we would find the perfect home for the perfect price!  How we would have a garden of our own, a bedroom that was really mine, and a fenced in yard so our dog could play.  I saved my allowance, and I helped too.”kids having fun

The closing was a bit of a rollercoaster ride.  The beautiful cape was a short sale, and my buyers were more than patient as they waited the long months that rolled by with extension after extension.  After 8 months of waiting, the home of their dreams would be theirs.

Free-Tree-house-TowerPlan-01When the closing was over and mom, dad, and Liam were handed the keys…, they were silent with big smiles and a bewildered look in their eyes.  Each offering a hug, and sigh of relief, and the soft echo of, “I can’t believe it is finally ours!”    Each told me what they had in store for their new home.  Dad was going to make the basement his workshop, mom had plans for the kitchen and dining room, and Liam, well he told me exactly which room he wanted.  He wanted the one with the closet that had a cubby in it.  Why?  Because that was going to be his secret place for his toys and he could play in there and not mess his room up.  He also had a blueprint for his fort, which he painstakingly measured and reconfigured, over the 8 months they waited. He shared all the phases of his redesigns.  It was Priceless!

I know I can’t wait to be invited over.  Liam made it very clear that we needed to stay in touch.  He talked about all the neat stuff that happened since we first met.  All the houses he got to see, the inspection process and how cool that was, visiting the home on occasion to remind them to hang in there.  Liam would meticulously make drawings of each room so that his mom and dad could start to place furniture, and he would remind them where the windows, doors, and closets were located.  I know this experience made and everlasting impression on Liam, and for the positive.  I know one day, Liam will be an architect, designer, or a builder.  I can see Liam building a dream home for a family one day, and I know that he will take the time to make certain that their child’s dreams become a in hardhats

As for me, Liam will be a treasured little friend I hold dear.  A little boy that touched my heart, and made me see life through the eyes of a child.  Magical!