New Door

“Thought-creation is a fact of reality, all realities. This physical reality however, would often have you believe otherwise. When you believe that your fate is in the hands of people and things that are beyond your control, you lose that fundamental power given to you: the power to create. You make it that much easier for others to manipulate and change your world into what they want, instead of changing your world into what you want. Remember!”  ~ Hermes Reality Creator

If thinking along this line is too far out there.  Then think of it in terms of your goals. Don’t diminish your goals by giving your energy to your inner fears.  Whether you approach this in terms of inner contemplation, prayer or meditation, thinking about your wants and focusing on what to do will open your eyes to the possibilities and opportunities to make it your new reality.

People thought flight was impossible.  People thought going to the moon was impossible.  People thought the idea of talking to someone a continent away was impossible.  Nothing is impossible.  Nothing!

Inner Peace Universal Knowledge